Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Sweet Life Fellowship - Life Night

Hey guys, just wanted to remind everyone that tonight (Thursday night) at 7PM is The Sweet Life Fellowship's very first Life Nite service at Mobys Coffee in Mt. Airy. Aaron Butler will be the speaker. It should be a great night of worship,word, and fellowship. Look forward to seeing you all there.
PS: Check out the new pics from Game Bonanza we just added to The Sweet Life Myspace page.
Love ya'll,

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Sweet Life Fellowship - SK8 Break!

Hey everyone, last weekend was Bowled Over! at Mt. Airy Lanes and we had a blast! Well this weekend we’re back again with SK8 Break! and it’s time to break out those roller skates and show off your mad skillz at Starlite Skate Center in Mt. Airy. That’s right The Sweet Life Fellowship will be wheeling into action this Sunday afternoon at 5PM. It’s going to be an awesome time of fun, fellowship, worship, and *rollermania!! Zack and 1 Accord will be there leading us up in worship and skate rental is on the house, so bring lots of family and friends. Can’t wait to see y’all there.


The Sweet Life Fellowship is not responsible for consequences of rollermania, or related actions therein. The surgeon general recognizes rollermania as a potential hazard to small children, animals, and Darin. Please initiate rollermania with caution and monitor closely. Keep arms and legs inside vehicle, dining trays in their upright and locked position and don’t go swimming for at least half an hour afterwards.

Love y’all,

The Sweet Life

Thursday, July 12, 2007

How great is our God!

From the faintest fetal heartbeat to the thundering echoes of a raging summer storm God never fails to amaze me at how all consuming and encompassing He is. His glory outshines a million suns and burns away a darkness blacker than coal. He is majestic, He is mighty. He is THE creator. His hand marks off the boundaries of the universe then hangs the stars against the inky black canvas of night. He calls the cosmos into existence. With a word He flings entire galaxies into place. He fills the oceans and paints the skies. His fingertips carve the canyons and rivers.
He directs the sun and the moon. He brings summer and winter. The seasons bow to Him. He crafts the deepest snow and makes every flake unique. He sends summer breezes through fields of blooming flowers and orchards of apple trees. By Him you are fed, His rain brings the harvest and His light draws the sprout from its seed. His very breath calls creation into being. From nothingness comes something and His breathing never ceases. He is the author and finisher, the beginning and the end.
He sculpts the clay and completes the vessel. His fire refines, His Word polishes and His Spirit teaches. His awesome strength tears down the mightiest fortresses of Satan and His gentle touch lifts our heads when we no longer can. It’s by His hand that we are healed, His voice that we are led, and it’s His love that makes us worthy. Without Him we are nothing and with nothing can we replace Him.
He knows you better than you do. He lay down His life for you. He cares for you when even you don’t. He softly calls, and He gently knocks. His hand raps at the door and waits patiently. He knows your name, He knows everything about you. He cares about your struggles and He builds upon your dreams. He knit you together in your mother’s womb placing every fiber into place. He feels your pain when you no longer can, when you hurt so much that you are numb He still hurts. He sends help onto your path and friends into your way. He tries and tries and tries and tries again. His love never fails. When friends give up He keeps going. When the world runs away, He keeps going. When all others quit He keeps going. He doesn’t abandon you when you aren’t perfect, He doesn’t belittle you when you fall short, and He doesn’t betray you…ever. His Word is truth, His promise is real and His love is always and forever.

Love ya’ll


The Sweet Life Fellowship

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Sweet Life Fellowship - Sweet Life Happenings

Hey guys just wanted to drop you all a quick note with some Sweet Life Fellowship announcements. First off tomorrow night July 3rd is our next “Shrimp Night” we will be meeting for dinner and fellowship at 6:30PM at Mayflower Restaurant in Mt. Airy. Come on out and see us, and if you aren’t a big seafood fan there is chicken on the menu as well and it is really delicious. Also this coming Sunday afternoon July 8th, is “Bowled Over”, starting at 2pm, we are going to have an awesome time at Mt. Airy Lanes with an afternoon of fun, fellowship, worship, and Word. Zack and 1 Accord will be leading worship and special guest Aaron Butler will be speaking. Please invite everyone you can think of this should be a really awesome opportunity to reach a lot of people who aren’t being reached. Speaking of Aaron Butler, I have some very exciting news to announce, Aaron will be joining The Sweet Life and will be speaking at our Thursday Night Life Nites which will be taking place every other Thursday night at Mobys Coffee in Mt Airy beginning July 26th. These events will feature awesome worship, and a simple and relevant message focused on leading people to Christ and building relationships between each other as well as between us and God. These should be awesome services, Aaron has an amazing annointing on him and we are blessed to have him come and be a part of The Sweet Life.
Also Ben has officially launched our Sweet Life Fellowship Myspace page it is now live so check it out today and add us as a friend. Ben and Makayla are working on it and they’re doing a great job. Thanks so much guys. We really appreciate you! To check out the Myspace just visit us at and click the myspace icon in the top right corner of the page. One last thing I wanted to mention is the prayer request button on the website. I really want to encourage everyone to use this option to submit prayer requests. We would love nothing more than to join with you in prayer. The Bible says that we should take everything to God in prayer, that nothing is too large or small. James 5:16 says for us to pray for each other and 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says for us to never stop praying. You may choose to mark your prayer requests public and I will email them to our Life♥Link prayer chain and we will get everyone in the fellowship to join you in prayer or you may mark it private and I will pray confidentially. Either way prayer is enormously important. The Bible says that the early church ate together, learned together, and prayed together. Prayer strengthens us individually and as a fellowship, through our common prayers we grow closer to God and to each other. So let’s use that link and let’s pray together.

I love you guys and want to thank you all for being part of The Sweet Life Fellowship, we have a big month ahead (check out our full calendar at .) This month holds lots of opportunity for us to reach many, many folks who haven’t accepted Christ as their Savior, so please be praying that we are able to be as effective as possible for God, showing unfailing love to those around us and bringing His simple message of salvation to our community.

Love y’all,