Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer of Love 2009

Summer of Love 2009 is going great! We are doing a community outreach monthly, our Game Nights at Cloud 9, had our most successful diaper drive ever, are involved with Habitat for Humanity, are giving to others with our Great Give Away providing for the needs of others, assisted in a benefit for a cancer patient, are feeding the hungry and all while worshiping God with all our heart soul mind and strength and having a great deal of fun! There is so much joy in our lives as a result of our personal relationship with God and our connections with others. It doesn't matter if we are living, loving, laughing, playing or praying together we are accomplishing our goal of Loving God, Loving One Another and Serving our Community! What an awesome God we serve! There is nothing like touching the heart of another with the love of Jesus! To God be the glory!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

“The Great Diaper Drop-Off!”

Hey everyone we just wanted to give you a quick reminder that The Sweet Life Fellowship will be holding “The Great Diaper Drop-Off!” outside of the Mount Airy Wal-mart from 9am-9pm on June 6th. This will be our third diaper drive. In our first two efforts we were able to collect over 7800 diapers and 5000 wipes for Lifeline Pregnancy Center. This drive is being conducted in memory of Kayla Paige Norman, an amazing young lady who lived her life as a shining example of Christ’s love. Kayla boldly participated in our drive last October and helped to collect thousands of diapers that directly benefited families in our community.

“The Kayla Norman Great Diaper Drop-Off!” takes place next Saturday, June 6th. So we need to spread the word as quickly as possible. Please help us to get the message out and help us change the world one diaper at a time. For those who would like to help, you may bring diapers by outside Wal-mart on the 6th or stop by and put an oversized diaper on, shake a baby rattle and help us at the tent for awhile. It’s a lot of fun and an opportunity to live your faith out loud! We will also be collecting monetary donations throughout the day which will be spent at the end of the evening to buy more diapers.

Please help us spread the word about this event. Let your friends, and family know what’s going on and encourage them to spread the word as well. With God all things are possible and when we work together in His name and for His service there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.

Please also share information about this event with your church leadership all help is welcome and greatly appreciated.

Thanks and God bless you,
Darin & Angie Moser
The Sweet Life Fellowship

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Project Connect!

Hello everyone. Just wanted to let you know about a new and exciting outreach called "Project Connect" that The Sweet Life Fellowship will be doing on an ongoing basis within our community. We're going to need your help to make this outreach successful.

If you have any older, used, non-working, or unwanted computers or monitors we would love to have them. We will take your donated computers equip them with educational, Bible study, and family friendly software and begin putting them into the homes of folks who are unable to afford a computer. Through this outreach we hope to illustrate the life changing love that Christ shows by equipping, educating, and empowering our community toward personal and spiritual growth opportunities while also building continuing friendships with those whom we help.

In addition in the months ahead to help bridge the digital learning divide we will be scheduling basic computer training classes periodically as we begin placing computers in homes. We will also begin more in depth classes in a variety of subjects including internet outreach & evangelism, basic web design, e-commerce, and other I.T. related vocational training. These classes will be free and available to all within our community.

Please consider helping us with this outreach. By working together, showing Christ's love, and helping one life at a time we can truly change the world.

You may contact us through email at or via telephone at (336)710-7960.

Thanks and God bless you,
Darin & Angie Moser
The Sweet Life Fellowship

Fireproof - This Friday Night!

Hey, wanted to let everyone know about “The Sweet Life Movie Night” this Friday night, February 13th, at the Moser’s home. The movie begins at 7PM. We will be watching “Fireproof” starring Kirk Cameron. This film is an awesome resource that encourages healthy and Godly principles within marriages. If you’d like to watch the film with us come on out and join us. You can find directions on The Sweet Life Fellowship website located at We will be providing popcorn and ask that everyone bring your favorite movie snack.

Thanks and God Bless You,

The Mosers

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Sweet Life/Surry Scan Game Bonanza

I wanted to send a big Praise Report about all that God did this weekend at The Game Bonanza.

It was so great seeing everybody at The Sweet Life/Surry Scan Game Bonanza, this past Saturday. We had an amazing time out at the Meadowview community building. I want to send out a massive thank you to all those folks who were so generous with their resources and time who helped in so many ways. God bless each of you, because of your efforts we had an awesome day ministering out in our community. We ended up having a crowd of about 80 folks who joined us for great music, lots of games and free hot dogs, sodas, and chips. We had a blast with all kinds of crazy games and prizes for the kids and we were even able to get some grownups to play along which really made things interesting.

God also blessed us on Saturday with the wonderful opportunity to get in His presence as we praised and worshiped Jesus with 1Accord and Aaron Butler along with the worshipful stylings of “The Build-A-Band Project”…you had to be there…lol. It was so great to just worship God outside in the midst of our neighborhoods.

Most of all we thank God for the opportunity Saturday evening to share the Gospel message and we rejoice for the six folks in attendance that raised their hands and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. God was so good to us on Saturday showing us His overwhelming grace and mercy poured out in our community. We are so thankful to God that we were able to be a part of this amazing day.

Be sure to check out all the pics on our website just click the Flickr button at the bottom of any page, and don’t forget to leave comments if you’d like.

Love ya’ll
Darin & Angie
The Sweet Life Fellowship

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sweet Life News!

Hey all wanted to drop a quick note and let you know what’s coming up on The Sweet Life calendar this week. This should be a very exciting week so let’s get right to it!
Join us this Thursday night at 7PM for Lifenites. This weeks dinner……(drum roll please) ……..Pork Chop Sandwiches!!! If you have never attended Lifenites you are missing a great time. These evenings are committed to building relationships; with each other in The Sweet Life and with our heavenly Father as well. Lifenites start out with food and fellowship and end with worship, word, and prayer; and in between we share life, laugh a lot, ask questions and learn more and more about who we are within the body of Christ. If this sounds like fun to you come on out and join us any Thursday night at The Moser’s home; we start at 7PM.
…And speaking of getting started. It’s that time again; time to head on out this Friday night to Mayberry Shazzam, Pilot Mountain’s very own Kart Racing and family amusement facility. The Sweet Life Fellowship will be kicking off the evening of fun, worship, and word at 7pm with motors revving and the heavy smell of racing fuel in the air. So come on out and get ready to burn up the tracks in Pilot Mountain as we take the light and life within us into our community to spread the hope that is Jesus Christ to the world!!!
P.S. don’t forget that we have multiple community service projects underway including the collection of Beanie Babies for soldiers to distribute in Iraq as well as our ongoing canned food drive to help support local food pantries. We are also preparing several care packages for local soldiers who are stationed overseas in combat areas. If you know of any soldiers in any branch of the military that are stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan please provide us with their mailing information, so that we may add them to our project mailing list. Some items we need for these care packages are as follows: Letters of encouragement, Deodorant, Bath/Body Wash, Wash Cloths, Hand Sanitizer, Nail Clippers, Chapstick, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Combs, Snack Crackers (nabs), Magazines (all types, reading makes the time go by), used DVD’s, Beef Jerky, Baby Wipes, Seasoning Salt, Gatorade Packs, all kinds of Soaps, Razors, and Shaving Cream, and finally all types of Batteries. Feel free to bring any items you wish to contribute to these projects to Lifenites or any Sweet Life Fellowship event. If you need us to pick up your items or have any questions you may contact us via email at or by phone at 336-710-7960. Your help is greatly appreciated, without you these projects would not be possible. God bless each of you and we can’t wait to see you real soon at the next Sweet Life Fellowship event!!!
Love ya’ll,
Darin & Angie
The Sweet Life Fellowship

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lifenites - Thursday Nights @ 7PM

Hey guys just wanted to invite everyone out to The Sweet Life Fellowship's Lifenites each Thursday night at The Moser home. Lifenites is our weekly small group fellowship gathering that gives Sweet Lifers an opportunity to get to know each other better and lift each other up. Join us for dinner, worship, prayer time and the study of God's word together. Lifenites are a casual, comfortable experience rich in God's love and acceptance and an excellent opportunity for visitors and familiar faces alike to come together, learn more about God, and share Christs love with one another in an open and friendly atmosphere. So gather your families together, put the hamburger helper on hold, and come on out to The Moser Home on Thursday evenings at 7PM.

PS: Don't forget about our ongoing canned food drive to help the local area (Mount Airy, Dobson, and Pilot Mountain) food pantries. If you can please bring a can of food or a bunch of cans of food and we will make sure that they get to folks who need them.

God bless you,
Darin & Angie
The Sweet Life Fellowship